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You made it here to my photography webpage. Thank you very much for taking the time to visit! For the people that I haven't had the opportunity to meet yet, welcome! My driving force in life is to be as positive as one can be and you can see it in my work! I bring personality to photography. I found that it's an amazing combination that produces some fantastic results!

Photography has become, technically, a lot easier over the years with all the advancements in technology. This is a good thing and I will always continue to believe that. I believe what really makes the experience is enjoying every moment and engaging with the client to bring out their best side. Warning, this is going to sound conceded... I've developed the knack over the years and I have to say, I am quite good at it!

Maybe it would be better to show you what I mean. This is one of my favorite photos. This is one of the first shots that we took on this session. Really look close at their smiles. Are the genuine? Do they always smile like that? I will let you decide.


I love having the opportunity to make beautiful images. The camera equipment has long ago become second nature to me so this allows me to bring my personality to each photo shoot. Over the years, photography has taken me to very different and exciting experiences. I have made some amazing friends along the way. I am so thankful that my dad placed a camera in my hands when I was very young. He was the spark that helped me fall in love with photography.

I am very thankful for the small and large businesses that have hired me over the years. Below are a few sample shots from a few various businesses. They include; Texas Jet, Boardwalk Elixer, American Airlines, Indra's Grace, to name a few.

I was honored with shooting a close friends daughters graduation photos recently. It's a different type of pressure when it is a close friend of the family. She was very nervous at first, but with my experience, I was able to calm her down almost immediately. Here are a couple of shots from her session.

NVS_9419 NVS_9419

And that same month, I was able to photograph another graduation session which I thought was very beautiful:


And one last graduation photo of a couple who both finished up college at the same time. How cool is it to be able to walk across the stage with your fiance?


I am a big fan of shooting silhouette photos. Something about it reminds me of 2nd grade when Mrs. Smith taught us how to trace our shadows outline onto a piece of bright red construction paper. I have carried that with me and brought that into my photography: